container meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
container meaning in tamil is கொள்கலன்

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Thyagarajan Chairman of the Supreme Courts Monitoring Committee had this to say A warship is a container like any other. Harbour the entry point to the city is inaccessible because container lorries are parked on the connecting Ring Road. In the name of competition and marketing the container is given more importance than the contents. Thyagarajan emphasised that even if the Convention did not specifically mention ships or aircraft or mules any movement of hazardous waste in any kind of container constituted a violation. The decision to open up container operations and end the monopoly of the Container Corporation of India Concor has come not a day too soon. Railway Minister Lalu Prasad and Railway Board Chairman J.P. Batra have unveiled a plan for bringing competition into play so that the proportion of container freight moved by rail is enhanced. On the face of it the Railways appear ready to create a level playing field for all operators including Concor to compete for their share in container freight traffic which has been steadily increasing. A welcome feature of the qualifying clauses for new operators relates to connectivity with raillinked inland container depots ICDs. Companies wanting to bid for container movement should arrange for linking up with ICDs either their own or taken on lease. Velu on Thursday said the entry of private container train operators would result in an upswing in container traffic. The clearance of the Transhipment Container Terminal in Kochi the Cochin Port wellconnected airports have all made Kerala a potential hub for international trade.