contagious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
contagious meaning in tamil is தொற்றிக் கொள்ளும் தன்மை கொண்ட

contagious meaning in tamil with example

contagious tamil meaning and more example for contagious will be given in tamil.
Many camels are afflicted with trypmosomiasis a contagious disease that can affect human beings as well. Apart from the threat they pose to the peaceful life of the city they spread dreadful contagious diseases among the public. Keeping in view the contagious nature of the disease all suspected cases in the prison have been quarantined to prevent further spread and jail doctors are keeping a close watch on vulnerable cases. The participants held placards which said that leprosy is just like any another contagious disease and it is not hereditary. What these 50 ambassadors are then hoping to achieve is to highlight the fact that leprosy is never contagious and hence does not spread by touch. He blamed both the Central and State Governments for not taking proper initiative to solve the contagious unemployment problem. If a person is infected with both avian and human flu viruses at the same time RNA ribonucleic acid from one virus could reconfigure itself with RNA from the other to create a highly contagious and deadly superflu virus. The need of the hour is proper sanitation and drainage facilities to prevent any outbreak of contagious disease he felt. Omkarmurthy has asked municipal bodies the Health Department and gram panchayats to take precautionary steps against contagious diseases noticed during summer. Abnormalities The scientist couple said understanding of the RNAi mechanism could help modern medicine destroy infectious organisms and combat complex and contagious diseases.