contagion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
contagion meaning in tamil is கதிர்வீச்சினால்) கெட்டுப்போதல், நோய்பரவுதல்

contagion meaning in tamil with example

contagion tamil meaning and more example for contagion will be given in tamil.
The fear of contagion grabs one while crossing the stinking heaps left for days together at residential localities and business zones. India could remain unaffected by the contagion then only because it was less open and not vulnerable to capital flight. The economists reminded the Government that the economy could insulate itself from the contagion of the Southeast Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s only because the capital controls in place at the time prevented destabilising movements of capital. If the DMK alliance does booth management well and a contagion effect builds up then an additional vote share is possible which will make its final seats 194 and 38 for the AIADMK alliance he said. This contagion can be leveraged by vested interests as unsuccessfully tried to the hilt in the West Bengal elections. No doubt there were certain negatives in the case of hedge funds like easier entry and exit and huge contagion effect in emerging markets which were part of the game.