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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
consumption meaning in tamil is நுகர்வு, பாவனை

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According to the report the reduction in nonrevenue water will be achieved through the reduction in leakage in distribution networks and encouraging users to shift from public taps to piped water which will result in reduction in consumption from the former. Power consumption KIOCL utilised nearly 1.5 million units per day and 25 million units on an average per month. The Tea Board has appointed the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta as a consultant for developing a model on the consumption pattern of the beverage in the country its chairman Basudeb Banerjee said. The levy of indirect taxes under one head or another might cumulatively affect costs of production and eventually lead to lower consumption of goods and undermine revenue realisation itself. The Government has decided to keep these cities absolutely clean and impose ban on consumption eggs fish and meat in these towns. After abolition of a quota system Indian exports of fine yarn registered a considerable increase while the modern jet looms and auto looms too stepped up their consumption to the detriment of handlooms. The issue of fair allocation of spectrum has engaged the attention of governments since 1998 when mobile services were yet to occupy prime space in the telecom sector and therefore consumption of airwaves was yet to reach the level it has done now. Thirtyfive coal blocks had been allocated to about 60 companies for captive consumption since the UPA Government assumed office. The city consumes a staggering three lakh litres of petrol and another 75000 litres of diesel every month accounting for onefourth of the States entire consumption of petroleum resources.