constrict meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
constrict meaning in tamil is நெருக்கு, சுருக்கு

constrict meaning in tamil with example

constrict tamil meaning and more example for constrict will be given in tamil.
Such systematic attacks raise questions whether the Government is discharging its responsibility in an open free system or allowing disinformation to obfuscate key issues and constrict its manoeuvring room. It suggests that some in the Government are willing to embrace a final deal even if its costs are so unreasonably high as to constrict Indias strategic autonomy and foreignpolicy options. Top political sources said the Government stand was formulated following reports that the Left parties were seeking to bring the resolution that would effectively constrict the Governments negotiating space. Its evident that Tamil cadres are attempting to destroy and constrict sea transportation service to the Jaffna peninsula it said. But like it happened with the 1980s war in Afghanistan the fallout of the growing violence and disorder in Iraq will affect the security of neighbouring countries more than that of the U.S. The fallout however promises to constrict Americas strategic space in the region.