constituted meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
constituted meaning in tamil is அமைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது

constituted meaning in tamil with example

constituted tamil meaning and more example for constituted will be given in tamil.
Even though there is a Committee of Privilege constituted under the rules he noted yet it is within the power of the House to constitute other special Committees if there are any special circumstances and inquiries to be made. The petitioner submitted that pursuant to the announcement of the policy the National Commission for Population NCP was constituted in May 2000 but its first meeting was held only in July 2005. The council constituted a committee headed by Anbalaya Prabakaran to regulate awarding of telecast and film clipping rights of films scheduled for release from January 2. She also informed him about the meeting of the recently constituted fourmember highlevel committee of the Congress that is looking into the problem of unauthorised constructions. The court on January 10 2005 constituted the highlevel committee headed by its RegistrarGeneral B.M. Gupta who had coopted Joint Commissioner of Police Kanwaljeet Deol as the other member to probe into the matter. While BSNLs rural subscribers constituted 35.2 per cent the private operators served less than one per cent of them each. These should be referred to the National Human Rights Commission or a separate commission headed by a serving High Court or Supreme Court judge constituted for the purpose he told a press conference here. Every village in the gram panchayat has constituted a committee to ensure transparency in the execution of projects. But in the meantime pursuant to the directions of the DGP the Commissioner on January 2 this year had constituted a city range promotion board for promotion to the rank of subinspectors and also prepared a list of eligible candidates.