constitute meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
constitute meaning in tamil is உள்ளடக்கு

constitute meaning in tamil with example

constitute tamil meaning and more example for constitute will be given in tamil.
Then came the turn of the Ministerial staff who constitute a sizeable number in the administrative apparatus. Raman Nair told The HolyIndia that it would soon constitute an expert committee to conduct a feasibility study and prepare a project report on the proposed dam. Adolescents constitute about 22 per cent of the countrys population and there are about 280 million people in the age group of 1019 years. Even though there is a Committee of Privilege constituted under the rules he noted yet it is within the power of the House to constitute other special Committees if there are any special circumstances and inquiries to be made. They have decided to constitute lead India clubs in about 60 schools in the town with the students of 8th to 10th classes according to association president B. The best course left for IHF is to constitute a panel immediately to inquire into the facts and circumstances leading to such an ugly display of temper. The federation has urged the Government to constitute a highpower expert committee to suggest amendments to the Karnataka Hindu Religious and Endowment Act. It has demanded that the Government constitute an autonomous Hindu temple consultation committee with statutory status for protecting temples and monitoring their administration. The Administrator asked his Adviser Lalit Sharma to constitute a subgroup to suggest some solution to the problem of roadside workers. Mr.Hooda announced that the Government would constitute a separate Traffic Police Organisation to bring more discipline in traffic regulation.