constant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
constant meaning in tamil is மாறிலி, மாறாத

constant meaning in tamil with example

constant tamil meaning and more example for constant will be given in tamil.
A warm sunny end to a year a rare event in Delhi with rain being a constant ingredient at most yearend parties the ordinary folks New Years Eve hangout Connaught Place was crowded since morning. His ego is dissolved and doubts vanished. Delivering a discourse on Kuchelavrithom Perumpully Kesavan Namboodiri said that constant remembrance of the lotus feet of Sri Krishna purifies the heart drives away the evils and nourishes true love and spiritual wisdom. Dikshit the second term as Chief Minister has certainly not been smooth and the infighting and constant bickering within the party has certainly derailed the administrative process affecting decisionmaking in the Government. But due to constant wave action and absence of a protective mechanism the sea has encroached into the land. The coral reefs and mangroves are capable of fortifying the shores by arresting the intensity of rough waves including tsunamis. But the history of mankind continues to testify to some constant and unchanging ideals one of which is the concept of justice predicated upon humanitarian considerations. J.F. DSouza Mangalore Constant alert need of the hour Sir 151 The terrorist strike last week at the Indian Institute of Science underscores the need to put stringent security measures in place. Since they are in a state of depression due to intellectual knowledge gap that exists between them and their counterparts in wellendowed urban schools they required constant and compassionate prodding by teachers. He said he is in constant touch with his counterparts in other States and Central intelligence agencies.