conservative meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conservative meaning in tamil is பழமைவாதி

conservative meaning in tamil with example

conservative tamil meaning and more example for conservative will be given in tamil.
The new Conservative Party leader David Cameron has invoked the words of Mahatma Gandhi to rally his demoralised troops in his campaign to persuade the party to accept change. I want every single member and supporter of the Conservative Party to remember that personal commitment is the most powerful way to bring about change. The final confirmation of this mainstreaming came when David Cameron picked development as one of his six key themes on becoming leader of Britains Opposition Conservative party even if he did forget to deliver that bit of his memorised speech. Although the ship has now been partially decontaminated it still contains at least 45 tonnes of asbestos on board going by the Navy and SDICs own extremely conservative estimate. In a broad New Years address to his Cabinet the conservative leader also said he wanted to fight crime and insecurity and improve economic opportunities for those French on the margins of society. Swatantra Party model Many political commentators have recently suggested that the only choice left before the BJP is to transform itself into a viable conservative party. If only the BJP were to abandon its communal and religious orientation it could emerge as a credible conservative alternative in the Indian political arena. A 12member delegation of the U.K. Conservative Party Parliamentary Friends of India led by Nigel Evans called on Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit at her office here on Tuesday. On nonavailability of the most sought after regional channels on DTH platforms in a most conservative South Indian market Mr.