consequently meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
consequently meaning in tamil is காரணமாக, பலனாக, ஆகையால்

consequently meaning in tamil with example

consequently tamil meaning and more example for consequently will be given in tamil.
The assent of the Central Government was necessary before taking decisions and consequently BSNL could not withstand the competition posed by private players in the telecom sector. The two 40 hp motor pumps at the Kattalai head works the source of supply in the River Cauvery are being upgraded into 75 hp motors each and consequently the pumping capacity is also bound to go up. Quattrocchis name was still in the CBI wanted list and consequently a red corner notice existed against him. Deepak Agarwal a 2004 batch student at KGMU had a fall recently during preparations for a forthcoming convocation and suffered serious injuries on the head and was consequently rushed to the trauma centre of the hospital. Some of the residents of Pazhathottam and Erichamedu had spotted them and consequently a request was made to the Forest Department to take appropriate action. In his affidavit the president of UCGA said the cooperative mill which was functioning since 1965 incurred huge losses since 1999 and consequently its operations came to a halt in 2001. Choice of monetary tools The repo rates are now emerging as the most frequently used monetary tools which are essentially liquidity impacting measures and consequently affect the shortterm interest rates structure. Expats consequently get into the clutches of loan sharks and many are unable to get out of the vicious circle of loans and debts. In the lecture on globalisation he said about 40 per cent of the wealth is concentrated among the one per cent of the rich which consequently has widened the gulf between haves and havenots among the nations.