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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
consequences meaning in tamil is குந்தூக்கம், கட்டுமானம்

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A fullboard meeting of the KSEB evaluated the consequences of this proposal on Friday evening in the light of the desire expressed by the Government to pass on to the consumers the benefits of the good monsoon received this year. Those who support the Tamil should think of the consequences if ever the group with its aggressive agenda and contempt for dissent comes to power in Sri Lankas Tamil provinces. You will appreciate that this hardly measures up to stringent measures. You are also no doubt aware that not a single paisa has ever been given to a single patient who has suffered the adverse consequences of trials the letter said. At this the policemen allegedly threatened them with dire consequences and one of them even trained his assault rifle at an attendant. On the other hand his conduct would have penal consequences if the prosecutions allegation that he tampered with records was proved. Stating that the Government cannot afford to ignore the tribal concerns he said it would face consequences if the tribal groups were displaced. Given the fact that the developed nations would be retaining their domestic and export subsidies at high levels for the coming several years this would have disastrous consequences for a country like India he added. He wanted special tableaux exhibits and programmes on the consequences to be arranged by the district administration during the Republic Day celebrations in the district. It will invariably be military commanders who are most cautious about using force 151 for they understand better than most the consequences of engaging in war.