conquer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conquer meaning in tamil is வெற்றி கொள்

conquer meaning in tamil with example

conquer tamil meaning and more example for conquer will be given in tamil.
Akmal a quickfooted fastthinking batsman who can create and innovate carved the Indian bowling that lacked both the discipline and the extra speed in the air to conquer the conditions. Noted Hindi poet Harish Badani who presided over the function said about half a dozen nations have ganged up to conquer the rest of the world. Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has transformed a group of talented individuals into a wellknit unit that can conquer adversity. Soon armed with a Chakra Bharatha set out to conquer different kingdoms and obtain the status of a Chakravarthi. Against all odds they are all set to conquer the rocky mountains tumultuous rivers and dense jungles at the 8th international adventure sports meet to be held at Panchmarhi a hill station in Madhya Pradesh from February 16 to 25. According to him people need to conquer the sense organs one by one and then we are insured against everything everywhere at all times. Moreover the conquest of the mind was not easy for the uncontrolled and the unheroic seekers he added. Vaughans absence apart the England batsmen found it tough to conquer the bowling expect for a brief Kevin Pietersen offensive in a V.R.V. Singh over which had four boundaries and a six. Silva Believer Koch One To Conquer Raja Rao Vogue Ranjeet Blazing Fantasy Vijay Kumar and Power Of Gold Tauseef 1m 31.3s. So far only 100 copies of the book which deals with Ritus dreams to conquer the global fashion world have been published and will be available at her store and at various book houses at an unbelievable price of Rs.