conjecture meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conjecture meaning in tamil is ஊகம், அனுமானம்

conjecture meaning in tamil with example

conjecture tamil meaning and more example for conjecture will be given in tamil.
While there are admittedly fine journalists and some excellent writing there is a lot of editorialising in the news conjecture in place of fact and lazy journalism marked by shallow writing inadequate research or patent ignorance of background and context. Now whether all this money gets parked in her personal accounts or is used for the benefit of the poor is a matter of conjecture and curiosity. Whether they served their purpose or not continues to be a matter of conjecture but now even such meetings were not being held. That set of a flurry of conjecture that Euronext and Deutsche Boerse which held informal talks in December would have to work with each other or tie up in a bid to stave off expansion plans by other companies particularly the NYSE Group Inc. In Tamil Nadu where the contest appeared closer conjecture had it that a defeat for the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagamled Democratic Progressive Alliance would throw the UPA out of kilter. How dynamic the IHF will be to thread an acceptable programme remains a matter of conjecture at this point. The Press while free to be partisan must distinguish clearly between comment conjecture and fact. The Commission examined the objections point by point and the papers response and rejected the complaint. How far can Steller take Orissa Steelers remains a matter of conjecture as the team begins its quest to get back to the top. Mukherjee said It would not be possible to conjecture anything unless the investigative process is complete.