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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
congregation meaning in tamil is பிராத்தனைக் கூட்டம், திருக்கூட்டம்

congregation meaning in tamil with example

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The Shakti Devate congregation in Shimoga on Saturday on the occasion of Yellu Amavasya attracted a large number of devotees. It was in St Pauls church 151 a dilapidated tin shack on the banks of the Nile in Uganda 151 before the Gleneagles summit in July that I risked asking the congregation what they wanted. The Adoor Mar Thoma Convention annual religious congregation of the faithful attached to 120 churches under the Adoor diocese of the Malankara Mar Thoma Church will be held at the Mar Thoma Youth Centre at Adoor from Wednesday to Sunday. You will hear Sheikh Abu Hamza encourage his listeners whether an audience at a private meeting or the congregation at the mosque to believe it was part of their religious duty... . to kill. Mainstream Muslims have denounced Mr. The victim accompanied by some other Christian activists was distributing pamphlets at important junctions of the town in connection with the ongoing Christian congregation on the Polytechnic grounds here. It is time the Saudi Arabian Government became more serious about arrangements in dealing with a huge congregation around this time of the year. The mutual respect among the congregation of pilgrims belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds and different socioeconomic strata is a model. Inept management Provision of foolproof facilities to such a mammoth congregation and that too in a place like Sabarimala is of course something humanly difficult. It was the largest congregation of Jain monks during Mahamastakabhisheka in recent years the swamiji said.