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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
congestion meaning in tamil is மூக்கு, குழாய்) அடைபடுதல்

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This will not only help remove congestion at major airports but also result in better utilisation of the infrastructure at major nonmetro airports. It is high time that the authorities removed encroachments along this route which cause heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. More than 16lakh vehicles were slowing down the movement of buses causing traffic congestion and accidents he said in the note. Traffic congestion To ease traffic congestion on this road steps will be taken to connect the parking area behind the Krishna temple to Vadiraja Road and further to Beedinagudde and towards Kunjibettu. Jayanth The basic approach should be to link train and bus services to reduce congestion on the roads. The districts nerve centre is planning to exchange places with the hoary structure at Gunfoundry to ease the growing congestion at Nampally. With two or even threelevel road systems if suitably planned and constructed the congestion on the roads can be tackled on a longterm basis. Dikshit argued that decentralisation of district courts in Delhi had become imminent due to a large number of litigation cases congestion at the Tis Hazari courts built way back in 1956 and the rapid increase in the Capitals population. The emergence of nofrills airlines and expanding services on various international and domestic circuits due to the boom in the aviation industry added to the congestion and led to a sudden lack of space both on the ground and in the sky. However officials now are confident that this new measure will deal effectively with the congestion and provide relief to airlines as well as passengers.