confusion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
confusion meaning in tamil is குழப்பம்

confusion meaning in tamil with example

confusion tamil meaning and more example for confusion will be given in tamil.
Amidst all the confusion during the latter part of the year Sachin Tendulkar reached yet another huge milestone. Creating confusion While the thrust of the debate is conservation of the market the MCC is perceived to be creating confusion by mixing heritage aspects with nonpayment of rent by tenants. The Dravidar Kazhagam has urged the State Government to abolish the common entrance test CET for admission to professional courses so as to clear the confusion among students parents and educationists. Now illegible handwriting and the fear of resultant confusion over patient details will be a thing of the past. Pointing out that the common man was in a state of confusion because the State Government was collecting toll though the road was a highway Mr. For some years it was VMC Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and subsequently it was changed to MCV as it was said that there was confusion as Vijayawada Municipal Corporation was also using the same abbreviation. Later it was postponed twice due to confusion regarding completion of road renovation works and visit of the Chief Minister. Making the list public will make the process transparent and end confusion regarding the drive besides giving violators a chance to remove unauthorised constructions by themselves. Gowda has admonished the coalition Government for such a wrong step bypassing the KPSC. He has said that it will lead to unnecessary confusion and suspicion among the people and the candidates jeopardising their interests.