conflict meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conflict meaning in tamil is பலிக்கீடு, சண்டை

conflict meaning in tamil with example

conflict tamil meaning and more example for conflict will be given in tamil.
Previously nature was at the risk of being exploited by human beings and poaching was a big issue and though these two continue to be areas of concern the dynamics of the threat to nature has transformed to more of a humannature conflict where we compete for space and resources. The conflict in Chiapas has rumbled on with only occasional flareups but no lasting resolution nor major improvements for Mexicos longsuffering indigenous population. Muneer was invited against the backdrop of the propaganda on the perceived conflict between the Muslim and Nair communities. The prospect of oil imports being disrupted by any conflict has also been a major factor behind the proposal. The conflict over natural resources has never been so intense as in the 21st century and can only be expected to become worse. His bold action against Palestinian attacks combined with his willingness to redraw old orthodoxies caught the mood of an Israeli public weary of conflict but unconvinced of the presence of a partner for peace. The Forest Department is keen on acquiring revenue land to protect the existing natural corridors as mananimal conflict is on the rise on the fringes of Bandipur and Nagarahole as evident by the increase in the number of cases registered. A UNICEF spokeswoman admitted that disbanding traumatised hardened soldiers after years of conflict was not an easy business but much had been achieved in the last 18 months. The BHEL had questioned the propriety of the Provincial to run the R.S.K. Higher Secondary School referring to the latters efforts under way to start a school at Kattur a few km away and fearing a conflict of interests.