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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Most of the highgrowth rural nonfarm sector activities in the district are found functioning on cluster basis confined to the particular areas and particular community. Mahima Patel Chennagiri MLA and secretary General of the party confined his campaign to the panchayat constituencies in his area. Sharmas appointment would erode the peoples confidence in the NHRC the court said this remark was a generalisation which would not apply to the entire force and that public displeasure was not confined to the police. Tents have been abandoned and people are confined to temporary shelters which came up in the last two months. Even as there were so many recreation spots all over the State north Indian tourists confined themselves to the temple circuit. It should not be confined to food crops and should cover nonfood crops horticulture and new plant varieties. TIRUCHI Time and again educationalists have been trying to make students and their parents understand that opportunities are not just confined to professional degree holders alone but there are other avenues in which students can excel. Addressing a rally organised to mark the arrival of goyatra in the city on Thursday he said the yatra is not merely confined to safeguard the cow breeds but is aimed at saving the lives of beneficial animals to mankind. Since its intention was to eliminate inferiority complex in such children the participants were not confined to drawing alone. Two big automakers have come together looking at opportunities not confined to India but spreading to other places of the world.