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Research Research will be undertaken in areas such as nanotechnology fibres molecular configurations and biocatalysts the release added. Maruthamuthu opened the highcapacity telephone exchange which consists a variety of configurations and advanced equipment purchased from Bangalore. I also tested different configurations of the water and oil cooling systems on the updated Cosworth CA2006 engine. The kind of reformers this Government has whether it is Manmohan Singh or Chidambaram Montek Singh Ahluwalia or Kamal Nath ... but the political configurations mean that their hands are tied. As many as 50 terminals with latest configurations have been provided with highend server connected through networking he added. A variety of memory up to 4 gigabytes and hard disk up to 100 GB options are available and most configurations come with a DVD playercumrecorder and advanced graphics hardware from nVidia. The Department of Information Technology is equipped with two laboratories with 240 computers with the latest configurations and necessary software. The stretch between Avanashi and Thanneerpanthal 14.60 km Tirupur to Nallur 4.8 km Tirupur to Mangalam junction 8.4 km and Tirupur to Kasipalayam 6.2 km would be made fourlane configurations from the existing twolane configurations.