cone meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cone meaning in tamil is கூம்பு

cone meaning in tamil with example

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Planting saplings that absorb noise in residential areas proper usage of platforms and road crossings to reduce use of horns from vehicles and avoiding use of cone speakers were important to reduce pollution level in Dindigul. Besides the public who will exercise their franchise on May 8 may bring to the notice of the police about all sorts of pollrelated violations using cone speakers intimidations etc. Use of cone speakers defacement of public property erection of cutouts hoardings and misuse of publicity materials should be strictly monitored and prevented he said. Though cone speakers have been banned for long there were violations galore in using them especially in the rural areas. The automatic cone winder equipped with many features comparable with imported models and making it ideal for winding various types of yarn was the cynosure of all eyes at an exhibition held at a hotel in the city on Saturday. The cone is made out of carefully hand stretched fresh pizza dough and filled with a choice of toppings blended in melting mozzarella cheese kept piping hot till it reaches your hand. This condition causes outward pressure from within the eye and makes the cornea to progressively bulge into cone shape. According to a press release from Global Franchise Architects of which Pizza Corner is a part the cone is made of handstretched fresh pizza dough and can be held like a regular ice cream cone. The exhibits include angular momentum camera obscura Archimedean screw pump perception of vision water energy fountain musical pipes sound reflection wave motion perception frame cone climber and sun radiation.