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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
condom meaning in tamil is குடும்பக் கட்டுப்பாட்டு) ஆண் உறை

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Condom vending machines training Social Welfare Centre for the Weaker Sections a voluntary organisation recently organised a training programme for caretakers of condom vending machines. Indian Oil Corporation in association with Hindustan Latex will be installing electronic condom vending machines at IOC petrol bunks. Among the various acts the promotion of condom use would be given priority said a motivator who was asked to collect data on the prevalence of HIVpositive cases in hill villages. He said the condom vending machines set up in association with Hindustan Latex Limited at retail stations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala had also become a successful venture. Petrol outlets of Indian Oil Corporation IOC across the State will soon have electronic condom vending machines the IOC said in a press release on Monday. The NGOs worked with high risk behaviour groups like commercial sex workers men having sex with men intravenous drug users and truckers to bring about behavioural change and encourage condom use. APAC volunteers and supporters roped in leaders of nonreligious but faithbased organisations which were more open to talk about prevention willing to mix up the ABC abstinence being faithful and condom use than religious organisations. In the multimedia advertisements created by Breakthrough on an average urban womans situations in daily life have been portrayed and she questions her husband as to why he does not use to condom every time to provide her the muchneeded protection.