conditioned meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conditioned meaning in tamil is பெறு, கிடைக்கப் பெறு

conditioned meaning in tamil with example

conditioned tamil meaning and more example for conditioned will be given in tamil.
Living Spaces 2006 is to be held on YMCA grounds Royapettah in a completely air conditioned ambience. Her frame of mind was conditioned by the highest philosophical truth that made her see His presence as the indwelling soul in each and every aspect of creation. Urging the Chhattisgarh Legislature to repeal the legislation CHRI said that that the response to insurgency in the State must be conditioned by the Governments duty to uphold constitutional rights. The new buses are fully air conditioned with vents for airflow and have wellcushioned reclining seats and ample legroom. Thangamuthu who presided said that Nehru had the distinction of being a historian as well as a history maker and that his dream of Indias vision was little conditioned by the past. If every other student you meet believes that he should be a doctor or an engineer and earn lots of money it is because his parents teachers and relatives have conditioned him to think like that. After running for 65 km his parameters are alright and shows that he is conditioned to take up the long distance run said Dr. P.K. Pradhan head of the Cardiology Department of HiTech Medical College and Hospital in his report. The Government needs to leave the air conditioned rooms of Jaipur and sweat it out like this in the villages to learn from the mother and sisters like you she told the colourfully clad women. His indepth study of how the instrument could be handled in different temperatures air conditioned auditoriums or otherwise benefited several artists.