concern meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
concern meaning in tamil is அக்கறை

concern meaning in tamil with example

concern tamil meaning and more example for concern will be given in tamil.
It expressed concern that the repeal would lead to unethical marketing and thus interfere with breastfeeding. Womens plight The report expressed concern at the fatal road accidents and demanded steps by the administration to contain them and provision of information on conviction of criminals. The Confederation of Indian Farmers Association has expressed concern over the debilitating impact the illegal entry of foreign cigarettes was causing on tobacco farmers in the country. The confederation also expressed concern over the inadequate funding for agricultural research in India and sought more budgetary allocations. It is therefore a matter of concern that the symbols of Indias economic progress and strength are increasingly being targeted by militants. Reflecting the European Unions concern over possible disruption of Russian gas supplies the E.U. Executive Commission has called an emergency meeting of its gas coordination group on January 4 to discuss the issue. Those with objective thinking and a concern for the safety of the country should come together and fight against corrupt elements. Expressing concern over the excessive use of the money by candidates in the panchayat elections he wondered how the State Election Commission could fix the election expenditure for the zilla panchayat at Rs. The sudden flurry of activities by political parties and groups considered to be proEelam in Tamil Nadu has raised concern among security and Intelligence agencies. What has caused concern to both the Central and State agencies is the battle cry from across the Palk Straits.