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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
conception meaning in tamil is கருத் தரித்தல், எண்ணம், கருத்தை உருவாக்கல்

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A gynaecologist of long standing she finds disturbing the trend of many couples after marrying late postponing having children till they are close to 40 and then finding conception difficult. Impertinent mannerisms imprudent conception of situations and brazen dialogues reduce the comic portion into a despicable farce. They include Chyavan about garbhadharana kalyanak which illustrates about the conception of the Tirthankara by his mother the janma birth kalyanak deeksha renunciation kalyanak kevala gnana becoming all knowledgeable kalyanak and the ultimate nirvana moksha kalyanak. Senapati was no romantic nationalist and his conception of language was based on his progressive social vision. This theory can deal with perceptionbased information and is an important tool for conception and utilisation of intelligent systems. Degrees and diplomas were awarded to graduating students of the institute by M. G. K. A beautiful film from conception to execution but the director is not always honest to his craft and the land on which his story is based. This was in keeping with the conception of a universal multinetworked channel of services sans trade barriers. Some faith traditions especially those originating in the East have no conception of the supernatural and are not theistic in the western sense. An initiative is under way to popularise catheterisation techniques for natural conception as a costeffective alternative to In Vitro Fertilization IVF treatments for infertility among women.