computer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
computer meaning in tamil is கணிப்பொறி

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computer tamil meaning and more example for computer will be given in tamil.
Inaugurating a computer training centre set up by an SHG at Poomalai commercial complex on the banks of Gopal Samudram tank here on Friday he said top priority has been given to SHG members while allocating the shops in these commercial complexes. One photocopier three computers and equipment were provided at the computer centre at a cost of Rs.2 lakhs. Athappan Dean Industrial Consultancy the university already possessed several strengths in its Computer Science department and if partnership in the park materialises it will benefit the university too. He said the issue was expected to come up in the next Syndicate meeting for approval. The State unit of Democratic Youth Federation of India DYFI has urged the Government to amicably solve issues pertaining to teachers taken on contract by computer firms such as NIIT Edu.Comp and APTECH for the Mahiti Sindhu programme. Remuneration Umesh K.N. president of DYFIs State unit told mediapersons here on Friday that more than 1000 computer graduates have been working with these firms for the past five years without getting due remuneration. Shankar Managing Director Computer Age Management Services CAMS a service provider for many mutual funds says ULIPs were being bought by investors partly as a shortterm investment vehicle since they perceived the insurance as a value add to a mutual fund lookalike. For Farah of the Computer Science Department of the same college priority for the New Year is cutting down time on online chats and blogging and makes her time more productive.