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Feet on earth. A simple reminder from his mother and mentor keeps cricketer poet and a compulsive dreamer S. Manoj Mohan Thiruvananthapuram Our callousness towards the consequences of our lifestyles and ambitions is matched only by our compulsive preoccupation with looking good. Such emotional problems can lead to abuse of alcohol or narcotics smoking compulsive behaviour disorders and make a person isolate himself from family and friends. Dhawan a compulsive but attractive strokeplayer had been throwing his wicket away to innocuous deliveries and needed just this kind of pep talk to showcase his talent. But when we find ourselves deep into July blearyeyed from countless hours of compulsive viewing and endless slowmotion replays four teams will be left to fight it out in the semifinals for the privilege of entering the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on July 9. Regular AA meetings are held where members new and old pour out their bad experiences and how they are trying to come out of compulsive drinking. But there is a catch here too since school heads are not in a position to consider the compulsive situation of the parents. Psychologists spot similar behaviour in compulsive gamblers who when in trouble increase their bets hoping for a win that will allow them to leave the table with dignity. But as a compulsive consumer of the torrent of analysis and situation reports that comes out of Iraq I sometimes shut my eyes and ask is there a shred of hope.