comprehension meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
comprehension meaning in tamil is அறியும் திறமை, படித்தறியும் திறமை, புரிந்துக்கொள்ளும் திறமை,

comprehension meaning in tamil with example

comprehension tamil meaning and more example for comprehension will be given in tamil.
The companies conducted aptitude tests and group discussions and examined the listening and comprehension skills of the candidates during the selection process. When you can trust the elected Members of State Assemblies with secret voting in the election of the President it is beyond comprehension why the secret ballot is removed only in the election to the Rajya Sabha. But their comprehension was not up to the mark and they could not answer in full sentences in English. Being responsible for creation She displays an allinclusive power to sustain and protect all creation with a loving care that far exceeds human comprehension of the term mothers love. Sasikala said Listening helps students learn the pronunciation of different words and develop their comprehension skills. Students should try to speak in English as frequently as possible. The second day was devoted to usage of polite expression in conversation and Geetha Jagdish demonstrated certain examples to facilitate better comprehension among the children. The focus would be on writing skills effective approach to reading comprehension packages instructions for vocabulary practice test grammar tips strategies and fulllength mock tests. The PACET basically focuses on testing students talent in mental ability analytical reasoning general observation visualising threedimensional objects from twodimensional drawings architectural awareness drawing imaginative comprehension and scores of other creative faculties. The debates are focussed on mixed land use policy the Ministrys ad hoc changes and the judiciarys comprehension of civic planning.