compound meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
compound meaning in tamil is சேர்மம்

compound meaning in tamil with example

compound tamil meaning and more example for compound will be given in tamil.
The security vehicle that was following also swerved suddenly and hit the compound wall of the Avadi Heavy Vehicles Factory. The compound wall of the SIDCO will be demolished in a couple of days. He said the cost of relocation of the SIDCO office and renovation of the alternative building would be borne by the National Highways Authority of India. To turn the schools into attractive centres for children the Government has decided to create five facilities 151 classrooms drinking water toilets playground and compound walls 151 in all government primary schools in the next two years. He suspected that they could have thrown away the weapons and the bag jumped over the compound wall of the IISc campus and escaped. We suspect that the attackers could have made good their escape after jumping over the compound wall near the Circle Maramma Temple he said. The police have arrested four persons besides registering a case against 100 others belonging to the Sadhujana Vimochana Munnni SVM for laying siege to the Mini Civil Station here and for attempting to barge into the office compound on Monday. One person was seen removing the weeds grown on the cinemas roof while some were removing a heap of construction material found next to the compound wall. Construction of compound wall and development of greenery at the pump house in Patamatalanka was another suggestion made by him. It was reported that a person was seen walking on the compound wall of the DIGs residence but he jumped into the engineering college ground and ran away as the policemen fired a few shots at him.