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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
comply meaning in tamil is சம்மதி, இணங்கு

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The TungaBhadra Ulisi Horata Okkuta alleged that the company has failed to comply with some of the court directives on restoration. This is rather unfortunate as Clause 49 is really just one part of the listing requirements that any company enlisting its shares on stock exchanges will have to comply with. After the hearing the court asked the DMHO office to pay Rs.3 lakhs as compensation in 2003 but it did not comply with the orders. The 12metrelong Luxura has a seating capacity of 45 with 36 being optional and boasts of some of the latest features that comply with the European safety norms. Achuthanandan said he had not expected any other outcome from the court and had filed the petition basically to comply with the legal requirement of having approached the appropriate forum before moving the apex court. unit at Plachimada has questioned the illegal and impractical conditions imposed in the threemonth licence issued by Perumatty grama panchayat to the company to comply with a Kerala High Court order on the matter. Achuthanandan to agree to the proposal and tried to expel him from the party as he did not comply with her bid. Only hotels that comply with the norms should be considered for hiring and all transport should use compressed natural gas. In the same response India indirectly called on Iran to comply with its international obligations and commitments. He wondered how under these circumstances the cooperatives could comply with the latest decision of the Government to extend the moratorium on farm loans for another six months from January 1 this year.