compliment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
compliment meaning in tamil is புகழுரை, வாழ்த்துதல்

compliment meaning in tamil with example

compliment tamil meaning and more example for compliment will be given in tamil.
The best compliment I ever received came from the legendary Sivaji Ganesan who once wrote a beautiful letter praising my dance performance. I compliment PAC chairman S.C. Vats for having prepared such an exemplary report and bringing out the injustice done to the people of Delhi who continue to face power cuts and are at the receiving end at the hands of private discoms who are virtually having a free run. A lecturer of a girls college says some boys make a compliment and hand over their visiting cards or a chit containing their mobile number to girls at coffee shops or movie halls. They were elated at the compliment received from the AICC leaders for the systematic and foolproof arrangements in all aspects that made the meeting a success. We both look for runs. He termed the Iqbal Stadium pitch a good batting pitch. Asked to comment on Indian legend Kapil Devs words of appreciation 151 Dhoni is my hero 151 a smiling Dhoni said it was the best compliment he could have hoped for. The SP is the Congress most favourite target...but I compliment the judiciary for ensuring that the State Governments continue in office he said. But Kozhikode strikers did not compliment the efforts of their midfielders as chances were created and wasted with monotonous regularity. International Womens Day If you think International Womens Day is a time to compliment women and appreciate their value then heres food for thought. People who like my work also tell me that they find my work emotionally startling and that is a huge compliment for any artist says Bhaduri speaking about his work and what the visitors can expect to find in his new set of paintings exhibited in the Capital.