complement meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
complement meaning in tamil is பூர்த்தி செய்வது

complement meaning in tamil with example

complement tamil meaning and more example for complement will be given in tamil.
I measure his strengths and weaknesses and various other factors before I choose the person who I feel can complement me he said adding that only time can tell if where his partnership with Damm will end up. The swamiji said he would also complement the work of the Samithi and get additional lands to connect the two roads. T he brand new furniture in the classrooms seems to complement the novel activitybased curriculum. It would also be opening two additional parts distribution centres 151 one each in Maharashtra and Delhi 151 to complement the existing ones at Halol and Chennai. To complement the problem customers negotiating with the platform vendors spill on to the road reducing the motorable space on the potholed road. Business schools often offer concentrations to complement the general management education that the MBA provides. The acquisition is expected to improve SiRFs capabilities to deliver and support valueadded embedded software solutions to complement its chipset offerings for enhanced user experience. The company under this unique social responsibility drive will also participate and complement the Governments initiatives in recognising the National Bravery Award winners. It is learnt that the JD S wants to avoid dissidence in its ranks if its full complement of ministers is appointed in one go. The decision on having a full complement of ministers appointment of chairpersons to boards and corporations and sorting out certain other problems would have been completed by now but for impediments such as the case before the Karnataka High Court he said.