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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
competency meaning in tamil is திறமை, தகுதி

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Core competency BYST will also aim at improving upon its core competency 151 the ability to tap the resource of mentors in the corporate world thanks to the CII alliance. Indira Gandhi National Open University IGNOU has launched a oneyear certificate programme in competency enhancement of Auxiliary Nurse MidwifeFemale Health Workers. The competitions will be held in two major competency fields the acquired professional skills and the innate theatrical and articulating skills in marketing finance human resources and other fields. The plan which notes the States core competency in some areas and rich material resources aims at increasing production of cotton to 900 kg an acre as in Punjab linking cotton production to the apparel export business and exporting garments worth Rs. Besides takingup 15 tourist destinations and circuits for development the government will identify 50 villages with core competency in handicrafts handlooms and culture close to existing destinations and circuits and develop them for enhancing tourists experience. Vinod who made relentless efforts to form the PSU said the undertaking would assist jobseekers by coordinating passports visas airtickets and organising occupational competency certificates. Indira Gandhi National Open University has extended the last date for admission to its oneyear certificate programme in Competency Enhancement of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife ANM and Female Health Worker FHW till March 15. The team evaluated the schools performance on parameters which included competency of faculty curricular and cocurricular and extracurricular activities infrastructure and learning resources leadership and school organisation student support services extension activities etc.