competence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
competence meaning in tamil is அணைத்தும்

competence meaning in tamil with example

competence tamil meaning and more example for competence will be given in tamil.
A Bench of Justice Ruma Pal and Justice A.R. Lakshmanan dismissed a special leave petition at the admission stage saying The State has legislative competence to levy such a tax. The petitioners argued that as the main objective of the amendment was to control pollution a subject covered by the Union List the State Government did not have the necessary legislative competence to impose such a tax which was essentially compensatory. In September last year India voted for the IAEA resolution but also provided an explanation of vote in which it stated that it did not believe Iran was in noncompliance or that the Iranian nuclear programme had given rise to questions that were within the competence of the Security Council. Apart from the fact that by and large the media do not have the competence to understand complex policies it is necessary to tell the story in an idiom of the Prime Ministers own choosing. It requires competence and willingness to negotiate and manipulate this information basket otherwise the noise can overwhelm and cripple. As part of this agreement Infosys Technologies becomes a Wavecom Certified Competence Centre offering design development and integration services based on Open AT Wavecoms wireless software platform. The various career trends and the communication skills irrespective of the domain competence were better understood through CARD. Given their competence against spin both Dravid and Laxman stroked square off the wicket with finesse and Dravid did reach his 22 Test hundred with a delicate backcut.