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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
compare meaning in tamil is ஒப்பிடு

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The manager of a darshini in Ulsoor said We have increased prices only marginally if you compare with larger restaurants. When asked to compare himself as a player in 2005 as opposed to 2004 Federer said I think it was the experience I gained through all the years especially 2004 while playing without a coach that helped me a lot. Every era has its own charm. Indicating that one must not write off todays films he said that nothing can compare with the life the technology or the tempo of contemporary cinema. If you compare their notes to the Indian critics you might find the western critics kinder though you have to make allowances for a different way of looking at them. But compare that to India it does have nuclear weapons but they have extensive relations in the nuclear field. For example if you compare the United States of America and Germany you see that the USA spends 30 per cent of its GDP on public expenditure while the Germans spend 55 per cent. But if you look at our output overall and compare it with any other publisher in this country I would say its the best in terms of the quality of the writing. And we dont seem in the last few years to have developed those new talents to compare with those before. It was outrageous he said to compare the situation where witnesses in the case turned hostile to that in the Best Bakery case in Gujarat. Unhealthy practice Taking objection to the manner in which Kitex has advertised the Tirupur Exporters Association says that it is not a healthy practice to compare an industrial town with another.