communal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
communal meaning in tamil is சன சமூகத்துக்குரிய, பொதுவாக உபயோகத்துக்குரிய, ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட இனத்துக்குரிய

communal meaning in tamil with example

communal tamil meaning and more example for communal will be given in tamil.
The Congress and the JDS are expected to recite the keep the communal BJP away mantra to come to power. Pandian called upon the people to work united to ensure that the State was freed from caste and communal clashes and terrorism. Lee said terrorism is one major threat to the multiracial CityStates security and stability which were essential for economic growth and communal harmony. A dispute over the number of overs bowled during a cricket match between two youth associations triggered group clashes and communal tension at Habeebnagar on Sunday. He claimed that his non government organisation was only following information available from all sources about the missing persons in the communal riots. Chandrachoodan said the LDF if elected to power in the ensuing Assembly polls should ensure that the key portfolios of Education Revenue Health Finance and Home were allotted only to national parties devoid of any sectional communal or parochial interests. Prof. Chandy said no one could discount the contributions of the NSS in the area of education and health and also in ensuring communal harmony in society. While they were adamant on the issue of social justice it did not mean that the NSS was not amenable to flexibility to ensure communal harmony he said. Religious Secular Communal Visionary 7.Who represented India in the recent Miss World Pageant in China. Five lakh visitors expected Expected to witness around five lakh visitors the Kumbh notes the report will not just cause ecological damage but also divide the Dang Adivasis on communal lines.