commonsense meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
commonsense meaning in tamil is பகுத்தறிவு

commonsense meaning in tamil with example

commonsense tamil meaning and more example for commonsense will be given in tamil.
Not biographies or abstract theories these commonsense tales transcending generations have been strung together in a leadership book 151 21 Leadership Lessons Through Ancient Wisdom for Incredible Success published by Kasyapa Academy of Leadership. Finally it was courage and commonsense that saved lives of call centre owner Raziuddin a woman employee Raiza and taxi driver Khader. He speaks to Pankaja Srinivasan about the wisdom of adopting a commonsense approach to the whole problem. But it is at least a minor satisfaction that our governments do not grind to a halt due to lack of elementary commonsense in budget procedures. But if its a choice between waiting a little longer at checkin because Im the third passenger in line or gliding past the Asian family hauled from the queue in the name of commonsense profiling I know what Ill opt for. It is difficult to see what other benefits will accrue to the economy from liberalisation especially when it is carried out quickly ignoring the commonsense safeguards. Though commonsense is in favour of introducing eggs in the diet of children support for the scheme has been surprisingly muted in Karnataka in contrast to the overwhelming protests by religious groups.