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Thulasi Reddy lamented that traders resorting to adulteration of commodities and unfair practices were causing loss to consumers. Hence it urged the Chief Minister not to extend the scheme to the Roman Catholic churches and instead provide essential commodities to orphanages student hostels and homes for children aged handicapped and visually impaired run by the church. Woollens blankets and essential commodities were distributed among the children and the needy by the Society a nongovernment organisation that works for the cause and care of the girl child. per kg of essential commodities in the local wholesale market on Saturday according to the Vijayawada Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As New Years Day gift the super bazaar will present a jute bag to customers who have purchased commodities worth Rs. George said with the decision to reduce import duty on pepper cardamom tea coconut and other such produce to 5 per cent in five years import of these commodities would increase. Mansukhani was a member of MultiCommodity Exchange MCX which traded online in several commodities like metals nonmetals petroleum products and other such items. Param Deep a matriculate who ran a firm of foreign exchange and commodities trading at Amritsar was one of the clients of Mr. Rajendra Gunj at Raichur Agricultural Marketing Committee APMC has been witnessing heavy arrivals of agricultural commodities such as paddy sunflower cotton tur dal and onion. The paddy and sunflower are the two major commodities that have been regularly arriving at the yard over the past month.