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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
commission meaning in tamil is ஆணைக்குழு

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Some of the initiatives taken by the Independent Commission for Peoples Rights and Development ICPRD during 2005 stand out as shining examples of attempts to restore the citizens faith in democracy. Girinath said neither he nor the State Election Commission have powers to review the results announced by the Returning Officer. The Commission has also asked the government to modify the law to allow it to take cognisance of matters after the expiry of one year. As three other States and a Union Territory will hold elections at the same time the Election Commission will take a comprehensive view of the security and logistic arrangements necessary to conduct a free and fair poll in all these States. The Government will no doubt highlight its achievements and possibly come up with more sops and special announcements well before the Election Commission steps in and clamps the model code of conduct for the polls. Amid a spate of protests from Sunni groups the Iraqi Election Commission has invited international monitors to review the December 15 parliamentary poll where a Shia grouping is expected to secure the maximum number of seats. The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Gas Authority of India Limited faced the wrath of the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission again over gas they are expected to supply to the four upcoming power projects Konaseema Vemagiri Gautham and GVK extension. Swaminathan and its two members expressed dissatisfaction that their counsel turned up also without filling all columns in the questionnaire furnished by the commission and provided only insufficient replies where the columns were filled.