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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
comment meaning in tamil is கருத்து தெரிவித்தல்

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Officials here said Indias comment on happenings in Balochistan was not unjustified since Pakistan also keeps on talking about situation in Jammu and Kashmir although no human rights violations are taking place there from the government side unlike in Balochistan. I have not received any written complaint so far. While Mr Bua Singh was on leave in Mumbai the DGP refused to comment on the controversy when asked by reporters in Varanasi. There was no immediate comment from the Government which has in the past said the rebels use ceasefires to regroup. Basu said when asked to comment on the decision of the Commission to depute 19 observers including K. J. Asked about a recent comment of his on giving up making Assamese films the director said he probably made the statement in a fit of anger. Singh refused to comment on Pakistan President Pervez Musharrafs proposal for demilitarisation of three districts of Kashmir as a precursor to end militancy in the State. Mercifully Prime Minister Manmohan Singh refused to comment on the Generals demilitarisation proposals. A UNI report quoted him as saying on January 10 I simply do not want to make any comment on this issue. Since it is still at the level of the spokesman on the Indian side the Prime Minister has given himself the space to engage with Gen. The need to eschew the public route in IndiaPakistan relations is obvious from what has happened after Indias Balochistan comment and the Generals response. It however refused to comment on Greenpeace claims that the ship had been refused entry by the Egyptians.