commander meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
commander meaning in tamil is தலைமைக் கட்டளை அதிகாரி

commander meaning in tamil with example

commander tamil meaning and more example for commander will be given in tamil.
Thangthuam and his escort commander at the Oinam market in Bishnupur district about 20 km from here on Saturday morning. Earlier we had organised similar rallies from Bhuvaneswar to Kolkota Wagah border to Agra and Pune to Bangalore said Wing Commander retired Yeshwant Marathe one of the participants. Casey Jr. the senior American commander in Iraq and by secure video connection from Baghdad Zalmay Khalilzad Americas Ambassador there. 1000m Gallant Commander Joshi Jay Jay Laxman 16 80053 60038.5 40025.5. They finished together. Jasbir Singh Lidder is the new force commander of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan UNMIS. Patel 210.5 1600150.5 1400136.5 1200123.5 1000110.5 80056.5 60044.5. Flashing Star put up a pleasing display Polar Force joined at 1200m and finished together while Spirited Commander dropped at 1400m. Gupta said that she had pointed out that the IAF had not set up a committee to redress her complaint against Squadron Leader. R.S. Choudhary Wing Commander V.C. Cyriac and Air Commodore Anil Chopra. But we will be taking breaks and hope to be able to do this in 80 days said teamleader Wing Commander Rahul Monga here on Monday. Abu Huzaifa the LashkareTaiba commander who ordered the October 2005 serial bombings in New Delhi was shot dead on Monday morning in an encounter near the frontier town of Baramulla. Eight weeks ago when the Delhi Police first learned of the existence of Abu Huzaifa all they had was a code name for the LashkareTaiba commander who ordered the serial bombings that killed 63 persons just before Diwali.