colon meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
colon meaning in tamil is முக்கால் புள்ளி

colon meaning in tamil with example

colon tamil meaning and more example for colon will be given in tamil.
We now have increasing evidence that certain types of colon cancers are also linked to the involuntary ingestion of asbestos fibres. He had already undergone five surgeries for cancer in the colon intestine an ileostomy closure to stop passing of motion through the intestine one for removal of the spleen after an accident 10 years ago and two cancer surgeries in the lungs said Dr. The retired army general who turns 85 this June has undergone a colon surgery earlier this week after suffering intestinal bleeding. Heart Care Foundation of India president K.K. Aggarwal on Friday said compounds found in curry and onion may help prevent colon cancer among those at risk. Aggarwal said patients with precancerous polyps in the colon who took a pill containing a combination of curcumin that is found in the curry spice turmeric and quercetin an antioxidant found in onions experienced a marked reduction in both the size and number of polyps. Students from schools and colleges youth in their early stages of employment middleaged people unable to quit smoking and elderly persons wanting to know something about breast prostate and colon cancers kept flowing into Sri Ramakrishna Kalyana Mandapam. Chaudhuri on whether the tendency in modern day America to get rid of the semi colon punctuation mark robbed writing of its muddiness quirkiness and idiosyncrasy Ms. It has got more to do with where you are rather than what race you belong to. The experiment involved drawing out gastric and intestinal juices from the stomach and the small large intestines to study the colon and intestinal bacterial flora.