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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
collapse meaning in tamil is இடிந்து விழு, உடைந்து விழு

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Pamuk said the elite to which his family belonged embraced Kemalism with a vengeance if only to overcome the trauma of the collapse of the Ottoman empire which had stretched over large swathes of the planet for several centuries. Dies in house collapse Ghulam Rasool 75 of Uri was killed as his house collapsed following heavy rain said an official. Heavy rain and snow in the upper reaches since Sunday caused many temporary shelters to collapse and people have been forced to take shelter in community halls and government buildings. Barrington walked back to a warm round of applause and though he rued missing a century he had by then ensured that Karnataka lasted the day after Sujith Somasundar won the toss opted to bat and soon stared at a familiar batting collapse that has trailed the home team like an unwelcome guest. But the real harm that it did 151 and that was very pretty much its aim 151 was to lend academic legitimacy to the idea of a world essentially without ideology except of the kind practised by the only superpower left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. A certain amount of ideological confusion is understandable after the collapse of the East European communist model but political beliefs remain and it is disingenuous to deny them. Karunanidhi on Friday dismissed as one more case the FIR filed against him in the Karur bridge collapse case and said that he would face it legally. He described it as a desperate act of the ruling party to gain electoral advantage as the polls near.