coil meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
coil meaning in tamil is சுருள்

coil meaning in tamil with example

coil tamil meaning and more example for coil will be given in tamil.
Adi Sankara also says that Lord Siva initiates this Taraka mantra to the devotee who is fortunate to shed his mortal coil in Kasi. Training will be provided in light engineering screen printing coil winding plastic injection moulding besides coir rope and matmaking. Since the vehicles have to almost coil around the island to reach the other side of the road the drivers prefer cutting across the road haphazardly. Association district president M.V. Mohammed Najeeb and general secretary M.V. Raveendran said the new products such as distilled water mosquito repellent coil and sandal sticks would be launched in the financial year. When sunlight falls on a condenser of a relay switch its resistance increases and disconnecting power supply to the system as a magnetic coil gets charged attracts one of the poles of a switch snapping the connectivity at the sunrise. At the dusk when the resistance decreases the coil loses its magnetic power and releases the node to restore the power supply to the streetlights. Still no one forgets to use a mosquito repellent be it a coil or a liquidator to ensure a peaceful sleep. The fan which has blades on opposite sides works with a coil and a switch control and functions like any other table fan.