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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cocoon meaning in tamil is பட்டுப் பூச்சிக்கூடு

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The spurt in the cocoon production has resulted in the need for starting reeling units and the Department now encourages entrepreneurs to set up reeling units says Regional Deputy Director incharge Sericulture Department C. The annual distribution of the DiseaseFree Layings DFLS eggs the raw material for the cocoon production is 1.75 lakhs and the production is 93 tonnes. The highyielding mulberry varieties meet the nutritional requirement of silkworms which is vital in the production of good quality cocoon and superior quality silk fibre. Pillai said though the district was in the grips of severe drought in the last four years farmers continued with cocoon production. CHENNUR ADILABAD DT. The cocoon of anonymity enveloping the tribal farmers engaged in tussar silk cultivation in Adilabads Chennur area would break soon. But the success of a particular tussar farming season depends upon cocoon purchasers from other States. According to officials the fall in the cocoon production was the reason for the increase in the pure silk yarn price. The Karbala episode dates back to 60 AH when Hussain AS was forced to come out of his cocoon of bliss by the cohorts of Moaviya after Yazid assumed power throwing parliamentary procedure to the winds. Researchers proved that farmers could take 70 kg to 95 kg of cocoon if the mulberry leaves were produced with the application of organic manure. Mr Agrawal announced to exempt many items including agarbatti coconut wheat flour kosa yarn and cocoon of all types from VAT and to keep grocery items in four per cent VAT.