cockpit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cockpit meaning in tamil is விமானியறை

cockpit meaning in tamil with example

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Flying for over 250 hours sitting in a cramped cockpit over the greens blues and browns of world this is an Indian Air Force trip with a mission circumnavigate the world in 80 days on a midgetsized Super Dimona motorised glider. A military reconnaissance helicopter surveying a tsunami shipwreck near the island strayed too close to its shores last year and received a volley of arrows one of which pierced the cockpit glass narrowly missing its startled pilot. Fossetts takeoff and the planes ventilation system malfunctioned midway through the trip causing temperatures in the twometre cockpit to rise to as much as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. He had just received clearance from air traffic control and released the aircrafts brakes pushing forward on the power levers in the cockpit to open the throttle. He explained the electronics subsystems that monitor the oxygen level in the cockpit and ensure 100 per cent oxygen level at all times during the flight. Physically it is one of the most demanding races of the season as cockpit temperatures push the drivers endurance levels to the brink and can result in body fluid losses of well over one litre per hour during the race. However the pilots were alerted about attack by the crew and were able to escape by climbing out of the cockpit using emergency ropes. After Air Sahara management took over charge of operations on Thursday he said the focus would be on proper scheduling of flights ensuring deployment of aircraft as well as personnel particularly the cabin and cockpit crew.