cobweb meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cobweb meaning in tamil is சிலந்தி வலை

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Astronomers enter coordinates into a bank of computers activating pneumatic pumps that lift the base of what appears to be a gargantuan metal cobweb with a mirror at its heart. Motors rumble the cobweb turns and a shutter on the dome yawns open revealing an inky sky studded with thousands of stars. D.V.G. Sankara Rao Vizianagaram Sweeping statement I want to get a sweeper post so that I can sweep out the cobweb filled brains of our netas ministers. Singh said the lack of nuclear cooperation is the last remaining cobweb from our old relationship and we can now sweep it aside... There are no other barriers to a more productive more durable relationship with the United States. Though the National Highways Authority of India began the work on the 47.2 km long NH 7A in March 2004 with a lot of fanfare the project subsequently was caught in the cobweb of functional redtapism and they failed to finish it before August 2006 the scheduled month of completion.