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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cobbler meaning in tamil is காலணி தைப்பவர்

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Among those affected are also about 600 cobbler kiosks granted permission by the MCH during th reign of N.T. Rama Rao two decades ago. The blacksmith potter ferryman engraver and cobbler all the labourers in a village living together was portrayed in Grameenam by different local artists. Manikuttan 27 a cobbler and a resident of Erappukuzhi near Kudappanakkunnu allegedly committed suicide by hanging at his residence on Sunday morning. Unable to wait for the BMPs decision to allot the kiosks one cobbler has put up shop just next to the kiosk on Race Course Road. A board in front of cobbler Talluri Samuels makeshift shop adjacent to the SubCollectors office in Vijayawada read 60th Independence Day offer. The 29yearold physically challenged cobbler struck upon this idea while he was contemplating something unique to mark Independence Day. Many others who came to Samuels shop were equally surprised while some of them wondered why the cobbler was foregoing his days meagre earnings. Pat for cobbler Praja Telephone Operations Association on Wednesday lauded the gesture of Talluri Samuel a physically challenged cobbler who offered his services free of cost on Independence Day. Open drainage Right at the entrance below the traffic umbrella a cobbler couple ekes out a living spreading their wares on the pavement. So if you want to get to the cobbler sitting a few yards down the road also on the pavement you walk a couple of steps vault over the little walls if you want to get to the other side or if you dare hop down on the road to go around it.