coat meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
coat meaning in tamil is மேல் அங்கி

coat meaning in tamil with example

coat tamil meaning and more example for coat will be given in tamil.
The men wear waist coat and dhoti and women wear pinon to cover the lower portion of the body and hadhi to cover the upper portion of the body for the dance Nirel said. Savithri Visakhapatnam Curb misrepresentation of Gandhiji During Visakha Utsav a small boy with a full coat of silver paint was posing as Mahatma Gandhi and begging for alms. Encouraging results Agriculture waste like bengalgram husk redgram seed husk bengalgram fruit coat and tamarind fruit shell powder were employed in treatment of water. The body of the son was found in a coat in the bedroom and the body of the father and mother were found hanging in the room. Ramswaroop in the court premises the latter was not wearing lawyers coat and this could have created the misunderstanding Mr. His black and white photographs are still remembered for their fine detail such as hair on a gaurs coat or the wrinkles on the skin of an ageing elephant. After it was withdrawn from active service years ago it was brought to the RPF Training Centre here where it was given a fresh coat of red paint and is now being maintained carefully. The rusty cots trolleys and stretchers in wards 11 15 22 29 and 30 in the main block were given a fresh coat of paint. After some minor repairs and a coat of paint two rooms were made out of the shelter to temporarily house the panchayat office. The modest building seemed in need of a fresh coat of paint while the usual flowerpots and the paraphernalia associated with VIP visits were missing. And for the young and restless who do their computing on the hoof it may just be the beginning of even smaller and thinner notebooks one can slip into a coat pocket or a womans handbag.