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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
clues meaning in tamil is துப்பு

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Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil who enquired of the State Government about the attack was informed that there were no clues yet to the assailants. A Special Investigation Team SIT of the Crime Branch Crime Investigation Department has so far been unable to obtain any clues about the blast. He said one accused in the case had already been arrested and the police had established certain links and connections and that they had clues about these links. However based on the clues provided by some of the victims the police conducted through checking of motorcycles and finally nabbed the accused. No clues were found at the spot except the word amma in Telugu tattooed on the victims left hand. One is certain that the city police have indeed gathered all the clues available on the premises quickly after the incident on December 28. Though the Clues team and dog squad were pressed into action the police remained clueless as the sniffer dogs stopped at Ambedkar statue in Pejjonipet. The proposed complex will have a conference hall the control room reception library canteen and rest rooms on each floor and a separate section for the CLUES team he said. The contest zone created on the website required participants to answer a series of 10 questions related to HIVAIDS with multiple choice answers and clues provided at the site. The police followed up clues obtained from a house which was recently robbed by the culprits in HIG quarters of the BHEL township. DGP Swaranjit Sen on Tuesday inaugurated a separate CLUES team for Ranga Reddy district police at Vikarabad.