clown meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
clown meaning in tamil is கோமாளி

clown meaning in tamil with example

clown tamil meaning and more example for clown will be given in tamil.
While the ribtickling antics of the clown sustains the interest of children daredevilry such as delicate balancing acts keep the spectators spellbound. Sea snakes sea horses clown fish and puffer fish are some of the bait used by the Marine Biological Station MBS to draw children into the fascinating world of life in the ocean. Specimens of sea snake cowfish sea horse lobster clown fish sucker fish catfish puffer fish and mantis shrimp were given to the schools. Salman Rushdies Shalimar the Clown had a reason to smile when it won the Hutch Crossword Book Award 2005 for English Fiction. They were perfectly alike both loved to clown around 151 they were always joking together said Hala. The CMFRI has set up a reef tank and has displayed Bat fish live corals Tube worms Cow fish Clown fish Banner fish Trigger fish and four species of lobster.